What is coaching?

Coaching is a customized learning experience that helps you move forward in life.  It’s a chance for you to slow down, set goals and take steps toward reaching your full potential—all with someone else as a sounding board!  Most people have a future they want but they don’t know how to get there.  Coaching provides a safe way to step back so you can step forward!

Coaching happens through confidential conversations either in person or over the phone.  As a resourceful and creative person, you have most of what you need already to harness your strengths and gain traction.  A coach helps draw out these pieces as you design and experience your life picture.


How can coaching benefit a high school senior like me?

Ever since kindergarten, people have told you what to do.  But today, you get to decide not just what’s next, but what’s now!  Who are you and who do you hope to become?  What do you need to get there?  What are your options and your best path forward?  Coaching conversations can help you answer these questions and discover goals that are worth your time and energy to achieve.  Live the life you want with confidence and purpose—I dare you!


How often would we meet?

Well, that depends on you.  Most of the time, teens and young adults prefer to meet every other week. This way, they have time to take action on the goals they set in the previous session before meeting again.   How would that work for you?


How long is each session?

Usually, sessions are an hour long.  This gives you enough time to think through your topic, consider options, design your next step, predict obstacles and commit to ways of moving forward.  Yeah—you’re going to be doing a lot of hard work during our time together.  It’s going to be awesome!


What do people usually talk about during a coaching session?

Really, any topic is fair game as long as it is actionable.  That means that you should choose topics that matter to you, impact your life, and motivate you to take steps to reach or resolve.  It might not be the best use of your time to discuss what happened at prom last year, because you can’t do anything about it since it is all in the past.  Teens and young adults like you may choose to discuss career or personal goals, think through upcoming decisions or rediscover ways to find personal fulfilment.  The topics are as unique as you!


Who is coaching “right” for?

Anyone who is motivated to set and reach goals by taking action is a great candidate!  If you struggle with mental illness, or have some difficulties to overcome in your past, coaching won’t be the best fit—a counselor or psychologist might be a better option for you right now.


How is coaching different that counseling?

While counseling tends to look back in order to move forward, coaching is all about the here and now.  Coaches are not trained in mental illness and don’t focus on healing like counselors may.  Coaching assumes you are the expert of your own life and that you can find the solutions you need to succeed.


How do I get started?

I’m so glad you asked!  Email or give me a call so I can answer any additional questions you have.  I will need to discuss the contract and payment with your parents before we actually have our first session.  And, you can expect me to lead the first session a bit so I can get to know you—I will give you some questions to answer ahead of time to get you prepared.  Each time after that, you’ll come with a topic in mind that you’d like to make progress on during the session.