Meet Coach Erica Oswald

With over 15 years spent in a variety of youth-facing contexts, Erica Oswald brings experience and concern to the table with every student she meets.

Growing up in the city of Elk Grove she learned the ropes of life — writing articles in her class newspaper, perfecting her cheerleading technique, graduating in the top 10 at Laguna Creek High School, and acquiring a drive to encourage and support those around her. Even then, these experiences of discipline and service were pointing her toward a future in helping others attain a better future.

Initially, Erica expected to graduate from U.C. Davis with her Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior degree and move on to medical school. And yet two eye-opening, heart-breaking summers spent teaching and training kids in the favelas (slums) of Sao Paolo, Brazil convinced her that her real purpose was in building up youth. Indeed, she finished that degree, but surprised everyone and herself by enrolling in a teaching credential program, rather than med school. Over the following eight years, she taught high school students in courses like Earth Science, Life Science, Biology and Physiology.

Beyond her students, Erica has three spunky children at home, a husband of fourteen years, along with a furry child named Hunter. Erica relishes the chance to ride a bike across a foreign city, to lose herself in a book, to test a new recipe, or get that perfect wedding shot in her camera’s viewfinder in her work with Fits and Stops Photography. Currently, she’s finishing up her Certificate for Transformational Coaching in her M.A. program at Western Seminary.

Erica’s personal mission is to empower teens and young adults to discover their passion, purpose and path through individual and group coaching.